The Business Model Blitz

  • Event: The Business Model Blitz
  • Date: 27/04/2020 - 05/05/2020
  • Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Venue: Online, Self-Directed Learning, Call with Mentor,
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The Business Model Blitz is specificallyĀ designed to help SMEs and Micro Enterprises to quickly adopt alternative business models to better meet theĀ needs of existing or new customers in ourĀ all-new world.

The Blitz is a 5 day, 2-4 self-directed hours per day online innovation programme thatĀ will energise, motivate and support you to re-evaluate your business and identify new opportunities given the current situation and itā€™s potential impact on the future.

How it Works

Each morning at 8am you will receive a simple instructional email on the appropriate stage they are at, accompanied by links to short, highly relevant explainer videos. You will be set tasks specific to your business as shown below. Each evening you and your colleagues will have a 1:1 with your facilitator, Fergal Brophy, to share outcomes and examine creative, innovative ways to address the following days activities. There will be opportunities for peer learning within the participant network.

First Virtual meeting with Fergal will be on 27th April, Monday at 8.30 am for 1 hour.

Day 1: Gather customer insights and frame aĀ problem-to-be-solved based on your empathy.

Day 2/3: Based on insights, generate & assess (impacts & blockers) potential new business models

Day 4: Prototype and test a chosen business model (Video, Webpages, Social Media)

Day 5: Pitch an implementation plan (including costs, benefits, times) to M1 & Mentors.

Note:Ā Your SME or Micro EnterpriseĀ will be asked to invest as much time as your current situation allows, no more, no less.


Instructional Emails, Self-Directed Real-World Innovation, An Evening Mentor Call

Time Required

2-4 hours per day self-directed & one 20minute phone conversation with Fergal Brophy each evening.


You will identify, asses and test new sources of business income streams for today and into the future.

Cost: This program is free of charge for SMEs and Micro enterprises.Ā 

Find out more about the program & how it works!

Access webinar recording HERE

Our Facilitator & Mentor

Fergal Brophy, Entrepreneurial Specialist, UCD Innovation Academy and founder, Open Innovation ServicesĀ 

Fergalā€™s ( focus is on providing advice, facilitating and mentoring Innovation & Creativity for Corporates, SMEs, Public Sector and Social Enterprises. He facilitates online innovation programmes for distributed staff at Enterprise Ireland, ESB, PwC and BDO. Fergal has supported in-person innovation initiatives at ESB, MetLife, Roche Pharma, Primark, Adobe, Amdocs, DFAT, DPER, NTMA, Chambers Ireland and many SMEs including Timoney Technology, McKeon Group, Osborne Recruitment and Collins McNicholas.

Fergal is lead facilitator for the Innovation Pillar on Enterprise Irelandā€™s Go Global 4 GrowthĀ management development programĀ and is a mentor to awardees of the not-for-profit Social Innovation Fund (SIF).

Shannon Chamber Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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