Technical Writing Skills

  • Event: Technical Writing Skills
  • Date: 28/08/2018
  • Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Venue: TBC, TBC, Shannon,


Reports reflect as much about the preparation as they do about the subject matter.  There is  a systematic approach to report writing which does not come naturally – even good writers sometimes  have difficulty delivering a good report.  During this programme participants will learn and practice the techniques of fundamental writing..     


Following this programme participants will

  • Acquire the necessary skills to communicate through the written word
  • Identify their own personal style
  • Build confidence in their technical report writing skills
  • Structure the report to meet the terms of reference
  • Write in a manner that convey results clearly and concisely
  • Avoid common mistakes – jargon, grammatical etc
  • Use tone and vocabulary to vary their writing


The Programme

  • Understanding the purpose and objectives of the report
  • The common fallacies about reports
  • Meeting the needs of your audience – tailoring both content and style
  • The 5 Cs of communication – clear, complete, concise, correct, courteous
  • Writing with clarity in a concise fashion
  • A systematic approach to the ‘formal’ report
  • Writing the report – material content, accuracy, brevity, clarity.
  • Ensuring the structure follows logic
  • Eliminating jargon as much as possible always keeping the reader in mind
  • Tone and vocabulary – recognising your own personal style
  • Structure – first draft, layout, review
  • Presenting complex material in an easily understood way
  • Technical reports – the purpose of the work done, methods used, results obtained, conclusions drawn, recommendations made, Checklist revised
  • Understanding the principles of good scientific writing and technical instructions
  • Describing products and processes clearly
  • Looking at cause and effect
  • Effective presentation and final proof


Duration:   One day

How will you learn?

This course involves a highly interactive workshop format using a variety of quality materials relevant to the requirements of the Participants and the organisation

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