Professional Academy Certificate in Business Coaching Skills

  • Event: Professional Academy Certificate in Business Coaching Skills
  • Date: 19/03/2024 - 21/05/2024
  • Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Venue: Online, Online, Online,
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Use business coaching skills to enhance your management style, leading to improved communication, better problem-solving, and enhanced performance. Leaders who use a coaching method create continuous momentum in teams, allowing them to reach personal, team, and corporate goals. The practical skills learned on this course will empower any manager of teams or projects to adopt a proactive and solutions-based approach.

Coaching allows you to bring out the best in people through collaboration, support, and guidance. This highly practical course uses lots of real-world examples to help you embed various coaching methods into your management style. You will become a more attuned and intelligent leader; energising and encouraging your teams, your colleagues, and yourself!

Learn to facilitate team members to own their solutions to problems and deliver better performance while improving morale and loyalty. Find out how coaching can help you achieve and maintain high performance in hybrid and remote teams. Reflect on what drives human behaviours as you deepen your self-awareness – in particular through looking at emotional intelligence and positive intelligence.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you will explore various business coaching techniques and models, looking at successful case studies to understand their real-world application. There will be ample opportunity to share and learn from your peers, exploring what works, might work, and has worked in the past. These problem-solving models will be immediately effective in your teams or with colleagues.

Course Breakdown

  1. Introducing Coaching as a Manager
  2. The Manager as Coach
  3. Management Styles
  4. Coaching Performance
  5. Coaching Intelligence Models
  6. Feedback & Difficult Conversations
  7. Other Models
  8. Managing the Team
  9. Career Coaching
  10. Coaching in Practice

How will I be assessed?

This course is assessed through a learning journal (20%) and an assignment report (80%). Your journal (200 words weekly) will demonstrate your insights as you progress through the course, and the assignment (2,500-3000 words) will show how you have implemented the learnings of the course into your management style, including what worked, what you need to concentrate on, and how it will evolve in the future.

Entry Requirements

Prior qualifications are not a requirement for this programme. This course would suit any professional in any level of management, including but not limited to supervisors, line managers, managers, team leaders, business owners, and executive leadership. You may manage people directly (individuals or teams) or be responsible for people within a project. For those aspiring to people leadership, this course will lay out a positive approach to performance management and people. This course is not aimed at people who want to coach as a core function.

Please book online Price: Non Member – €600/ Member €550

  • Live online lectures with an industry expert
  • 10 weeks: One 3 hour lecture per week
  • Tuesday, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

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