Diploma in High Performance Leadership

  • Event: Diploma in High Performance Leadership
  • Date: 25/10/2023 - 23/04/2024
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Venue: Online, Online, Online,
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This Level 8 Diploma in High-Performance Leadership, designed and delivered by Career Decisions Ireland and accredited by Technological University Dublin (TUD), is a comprehensive results-driven programme designed to enable you to enhance your leadership capabilities. It will equip you with highly effective leadership and coaching skills to lead and motivate your team and maximise performance and results. The programme content is extremely practical and addresses the day-to-day challenges faced by managers.

You will be provided with insights into what makes a leader exceptional. You will explore important issues such as self-awareness and learn skills to communicate, coach your team and lead others to greatness. You will return to your organisation with the knowledge and skills to motivate and mobilise your team around a shared vision and clear goals. Programme participants will enhance their leadership skills, including personal and team leadership, coaching for high performance and leading strategic planning for transformational results.

Programme Structure & Delivery

A highly interactive, modularised programme with 8 days of group workshops plus three individual executive coaching sessions per person. This programme is delivered over 7 months. The full programme content and detailed schedule are below. This programme will be delivered online with the option of some in-person workshop days if desired by the learners.

Programme Content

Module 1: Leading Yourself – High-Performance Leadership
• Understand your leadership, communication and decision-making styles
• Identify your unique value and capabilities as a leader
• Identify barriers to success and strategies to overcome them
• Clarify and align personal and organisational goals
Outcome 1: Develop a Professional Development Plan to lead and motivate your team members and deliver outstanding business results.

Module 2: Leading Your Team – High Performance Team Leadership
• Understand the characteristics of high performing teams
• Clarify your teams’ goals
• Identify and capitalise on your teams’ strengths
• Profile your team and identify the areas you wish to develop and improve
• Develop skills to build and lead high-performing teamsOutcome 2: Prepare a ‘Team Development Action Plan’ to improve the performance of your team.

Module 3: Managing Change & Strategic Planning
• Where are you now (SWOT analysis)
• Where do you want to be (Mission, vision, goals, top priorities)
• How will you get there (Planning, resources, roles, execution)
• How are you doing – measure performance
• Learn best practice methodologies to lead and implement change initiatives
• Learn key steps involved in sustaining positive change
Outcome 3: Develop a Strategic Plan to achieve business goals and deliver outstanding business results.

Module 4: Coaching for Peak Performance
• Develop core coaching skills
• Improve your communication skills and confidence as a Leader
• Learn the skills to conduct effective coaching discussions
• Learn how to adapt your coaching style to suit different personalities and circumstances
• Understand how coaching can be used to solve problems and leverage opportunities
Outcome 4: Develop Core Coaching Skills to motivate and manage people for peak performance.

Individual Executive Coaching Sessions
• Each person will benefit from 3 x Individual Coaching Sessions with a highly experienced Executive Coach
• Experience first–hand the benefit of coaching
• Coaching sessions will help you to address leadership challenges and opportunities.

Personal Benefits

You will be conferred with an internationally recognised qualification – Diploma in High Performance Leadership accredited (Level 8) by Technological University Dublin (TUD).

The Diploma in High Performance Leadership also provides you with the following powerful tools

• A Personalised Professional Development Plan to optimise your performance and achieve your goals.
• Team Profile and Team Development Plan to maximise your team’s performance.
• Strategic Plan to maximise the performance of your business unit and organisation.
• Competency in Core Coaching Skills to coach your team to achieve peak performance.
• Executive Coaching – Another Key Benefit: You will benefit from 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions with a senior Executive Coach to help you experience first–hand the benefit of coaching. These coaching sessions will help you to address leadership challenges and leverage opportunities.

Organisational benefits

Enhances the leadership skills of your managers/leaders across the organisation.
• Develop and sustain a high-performance culture in your organisation.
• Develop the competency of your leaders and enable them to coach their teams to achieve peak performance.
• Create an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and open communication.
• Build high-performance expectations into everyday management practices.
• Achieve your organisational goals with more competent, motivated and committed leaders.
• Enable your leaders/managers to develop:
▲ Personalised Professional Development Plans.
▲ Team Profiles & Team Development Plans to maximise their team’s performance.
▲ Competency in Core Coaching Skills to coach their people to achieve peak performance.
▲ Strategic Plans to maximise the performance of your business units and organisation.

• Executive Coaching for your Leaders/ Managers: Each person will benefit from 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions with a senior Executive Coach to address leadership challenges and leverage opportunities.

Programme Schedule:

Programme Fee: Members/Non members €2499

For more information please contact Alan Kelly at akelly@shannonchamber.ie

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