Webinar: Creating a Learning Organisation to Prepare People for a new Future

  • Event: Webinar: Creating a Learning Organisation to Prepare People for a new Future
  • Date: 17/11/2020
  • Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Venue: Online Course, Webinar, Via Zoom,
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Gerry Cahill is the Managing Director of Roche’s pharmaceutical facility located in Clarecastle, County Clare. 

He has over 25 years experience in the Pharma industry having worked for Glaxosmithkline, Bristol Myers Squibb and Roche. Initially qualified as an Industrial Chemist much of his early experience was in operational roles focusing on manufacturing, engineering and facility start-up. In the past 10 years he has held various senior roles in Ireland, America and Switzerland in a range of functions including Global Strategy, Engineering, Product Launch, Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Over the past 3 years Gerry has led the closure of the Roche site to achieve the  mission of “Exiting with Pride and People being prepared for their future”. This program was very successful in supporting employees to gain new employment whilst also delivering best in class business results. This was reflected in the Roche site achieving 3 national awards for excellence in business improvements and developing a learning culture.

The World of Work is changing at ever increasing speeds presenting a huge challenge to both organisations and employees to develop the skills that are needed in the future.

At Roche Ireland in 2016 the site was very efficient and focused on the day to day job of manufacturing high quality pharmaceuticals; the site was proudly ranked in the 1st quartile of Pharma sites. However, it was also recognised that the site was not preparing for future changes which was further compounded with the closure announcement for the site.

The presentation today is a summary of the journey taken by Roche Ireland and its people to develop a Learning Organisation and have people Future Ready for when they would leave Roche. The approach taken in Ireland is now the benchmark for other Roche sites embarking on developing a real learning culture. This approach can be applied to all organisations as it focuses on people and the principles and behavioural changes needed to move from a busy organisation to one that focuses on future needs.


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